"Not One More!"

Eagan High School students walk out in peaceful plea to end gun deaths

   Hundreds of students walked out of Eagan High School Wednesday morning, March 14, as part of a national protest against school gun violence.
   In a peaceful, well-organized, eloquent call for change the high school’s students chanted “Not one more!” and “Vote them out!” as student and guest speakers called for an end to gun violence in schools and legislative inaction on gun laws.
   Some students carried signs reading “Enough,” “I Am Not A Target,” “How Many More?” and “Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.”  
   There was a heavy police presence at the high school, with at least five marked law enforcement vehicles staking positions near the school and circling the parking lots before the protest. But the protest remained peaceful with students attentively listening to speakers and observing a period of silence for victims of gun violence, including the 17 fatally shot at Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a month ago. After the slightly longer than 17-minute protest, students walked back to class silently, at the urging of the protest’s organizers to think about the victims.
 Eagan Mayor Mike Maguire and State Rep. Laurie Halverson attended the protest. Halverson stood on the portable steps placed in front of the crowd and told them “We hear you!”  
 The walkout was no surprise to school officials, who had been aware of its planning for weeks.  Eagan High School Principal Polly Reikowski, a national leader in high school speech and debate, said she was proud of the students.
Eagan High School students listen to the story of Chase Passauer, a 23-year-old law clerk fatally shot at the St. Paul law office where he worked, during a protest against gun violence at the high school Wednesday, March 14. Eagan Mike Maguire, in the foreground, attended the walkout.
School District's "official" newspaper advertises private gun sales 

    As District 196’s students walked out in protest for tougher gun safety laws, the school district’s “official” newspaper continued to include private gun sales in a section of its classified advertisements.
  The newspaper, paid by the school district to publish its legal notices, minutes of school board meetings, and requests for construction bids, designates a section of its online classified ad pages for gun sales. Recent advertisements included offers to sell a 12-guage double-barrel shotgun and a $925 rifle scope.
  The district expressed no apparent plans to use its clout as an advertiser to oppose the gun ads. “Sun Thisweek Newspapers meets the requirements to be the district’s official newspaper. We have no comment on their business practices related to the private sale of weapons,” District 196 spokesman Tony Taschner said.
  The newspaper is also the “official” newspaper of the City of Eagan, receiving taxpayer money to run legal notices and requests for bids.

Man charged with firing semi-automatic rifle in apartment building

  A Burnsville man is facing a felony charge after he allegedly fired a semi-automatic rifle in an apartment building.
  Robert Balm, 60, of 12025 County Road 11 #102, Burnsville, is scheduled to appear in Dakota County district court April 16 on a felony charge of reckless discharge of a firearm, according to court records.
  The charge stems from a call to Burnsville police on Feb. 7, when tenants of the 36-unit apartment building where Balm lived reported they awoke that day to find what appeared to be bullet holes in their apartment. At the apartment above Balm’s police found what appeared to be bullet holes in the tenants’ carpet, two-tier coffee table, and ceiling.
  Police tried to contact the tenant in the apartment below, but no one answered the door. Thinking there might be a gunshot victim in the apartment, investigators got a key to the unit and looked for people inside, according to court records. They did not find people, but several firearms.
  Police talked to Balm on the phone the next day, according to court records. Investigators reported he admitted to “accidentally” pulling the trigger of an AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle, while he was drinking “a few beers.”
The Minnesota Vikings' new practice facilty site
Vikings new QB pick slated to tour Eagan facility
   Prepare for your brush with greatness, Eagan. Kirk Cousins will be coming to town.
  As part of the National Football League’s free-agent courting season, Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was expected to come to Eagan for a tour of the Vikings’ new practice facility before signing one of the largest contracts in the history of the NFL, a 3-year, $84 million deal.
  Is Cousins worth it? Not according to some NFL observers.
  “The Vikings got played and they know it,” the Bleacher Report wrote, in an article about the deal. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2764192-kirk-cousins-deal-shows-why-free-agency-is-the-stupid-season-in-the-nfl
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