Principal accused of stalking police faces new charge of burglarizing neighbor's house

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Lakeville middle school principal Christopher Endicott
   The suspended Lakeville middle school principal suspected of misusing the District 196 computer network is facing a new criminal charge after allegedly stolen property was found in a filing cabinet in his school office.
   Christopher Endicott, 50, of 13745 Fawn Ridge Court, Apple Valley, was charged with felony burglary Monday, Feb. 26, following the discovery of property believed to be stolen during the Nov. 2015 burglary of the home of one of his neighbors. The property was discovered by a school police officer using the office Endicott vacated after he was suspended from his position as principal at Century Middle School. Endicott was arrested by a SWAT team at a fishing house in Otter Tail County Friday night. The Dakota County district court set bail at $50,000.
   The discovery of stolen property in Endicott’s school office linked the school principal to a previously unsolved burglary at a neighbor’s house, according to police. When a Lakeville school resource officer opened a drawer to a filing cabinet in the office Feb. 21, he found three watches, a gold ring, an antique fork and knife, a Coon Rapids High School class ring, a key on a Mercedes Benz key ring and a thumb drive, according to a criminal complaint. The class ring was engraved with the burglary victim’s name.
   The burglary occurred while the victims were away, according to investigators. The victims had complained to the Endicott family about their cats coming into the victims’ yard, antagonizing their dog.
   The felony charge is the latest in a series of allegations involving the middle school principal apparently retaliating for perceived slights, according to court records. Endicott and his wife, Andrea, a staff member at Scott Highlands Middle School, were placed on leave after allegations surfaced of unauthorized access to District 196’s computer network. During the investigation of unauthorized access, police allege Endicott tracked an investigating officer’s movements and stalked him near the officer’s home.
   Endicott is scheduled to return to court March 22 on a gross misdemeanor stalking charge stemming from those allegations.
Vikings allowed to mix fire and alcohol, council votes
  There will be fire at the new Vikings headquarters site in northeast Eagan after a skeleton crew Eagan city council approved a measure allowing liquor sales in a parking lot tailgating area without a restriction on open flames opposed by the Vikings.
   The city council had tabled the matter for two weeks a representative from the NFL team objected to a condition prohibiting fires at its tailgating site. Fires are prohibited at the tailgating site outside the team’s Minneapolis stadium. A team representative told the Eagan City Council that is one of the major complaints of tailgaters, those who cook and eat food in the parking lot on game days.
   The Eagan City Council accommodated the team at its meeting two weeks ago by tabling the proposal, rather than passing it with the restriction on open flames supported by the city’s fire department. Two weeks later, speaking to the city council next to a lawyer for the team, Fire Chief Mike Scott said he was willing to work with the team on the restriction.
   Eagan City Council member Gary Hansen joked about the turnaround. “I’m just amazed he (the Vikings’ representative) was able to convince Chief Scott to have open fires,” Hansen said, prompting laughter from the few other city officials in the room.
   The city recently settled a lawsuit against Scott. The city’s fire department was sued for discrimination by one of its firefighters and settled the case for $50,000.
   Council members Meg Tilley and Cyndee Fields were absent from the meeting.
   The Vikings, operating under alcohol rules created specificly for the team by the state legislature, said it just wants to be treated like everyone else.
   “Rather than having a flat-out prohibition [on open flames], if we agree to play by the same rules that everybody else in Eagan has to play by with recreational fires, would that be okay?”
   The rules under city code include a prohibition on open flames within 25 feet of a combustion source, such as a vehicle’s gas tank, and require fire extinguishers or hoses nearby.

Undocumented immigrant charged with felony welfare theft

A Burnsville undocumented immigrant is facing felony charges after she allegedly continued to accept public assistance while working for a paycheck using a false name and social security number.
   Karla Lagos, 42, 1513 Burnsville Pkwy. E. #410, Burnsville, has been summonsed to appear in Dakota County district court March 12 on two felony counts of theft, according to a criminal complaint. Investigators allege Lagos collected more than $7,300 in public benefits she wasn’t eligible for while working for a staffing agency under a false name and social security number during two periods between March 2014 and July 2015.
   Dakota County welfare workers learned in March 2015 that Lagos had received income that had not been reported to the county, according to court records. Lagos also allegedly admitted during her recertification for a housing program that she had been working using a false name and social security number.
  Investigators allege Lagos had been working for Midwest Staffing under the name “Candy Duran.” Lagos also allegedly worked at another agency, Atlas Staffing, under her own name. She allegedly told a Dakota County investigator she bought the false social security number for $150.

The Vikings are coming,
the Vikings are coming

Lakeville man accused of hospital assault
   A Lakeville man is facing a felony assault charge after he allegedly spit blood at hospital staff trying to restrain him.
  Drezhon Faltesek, 24, of 16962 Kenrick Ave. #20, Lakeville, has been summonsed to appear in Dakota County district court March 5 on a charge of fifth-degree assault, according to court records. The charge stems from a Jan. 17 episode at a Burnsville hospital.
  Burnsville police responded to a report of a patient becoming combative with hospital staff. Faltesek reportedly became upset after hospital staff refused to provide him with more anxiety medication. He allegedly threatened to kill hospital staff when they tried to restrain him and spit blood at hospital staff, hitting four people in the face and head.
   The Vikings are preparing for their move to Eagan next week, packing up items from their Eden Prairie headquarters.
   “To go over there and see Eagan and to see the phenomenal building that is,” General Manager Rick Spielman said in a video released by the team this week. “I can’t wait till we start getting our own players in there.”
   The new Vikings headquarters is located on a 200-acre newly developed site in northeast Eagan.
   As with most Vikings events, alcohol is expected to play a role in the opening as the team appeared before city council last week seeking approval of issues related to its one-of-a-kind liquor license created specifically for the team by the state legislature.
Shakopee woman charged with forging check
   A Shakopee woman has been summoned to appear in Dakota County district court March 5 on a felony check forging charge.
   Shanda Hart, 31, of 1265 Marschall Road S. #130, Shakopee, was charged with offering a forged check over $250, a felony, according to a criminal complaint. The victim, from Minnetonka, reported to Eagan police Dec. 1 that a $200 check she had placed in her mailbox had been altered, with the amount increased to $700, and cashed at a Wells Fargo Bank in Eagan.
   Police reviewed surveillance footage from the bank of a person cashing the check before questioning Hart, who was in the Scott County jail. The suspect allegedly admitted she was “very high” at the time she cashed the check, according to court records.