Eagan police arrest suspected mail thief

    A Blaine man is facing felony charges after he allegedly discarded refuse from stolen electronics in the restroom of a local bank.
  Michael Deremer, 30, of 12421 Tyler St. NE, Blaine, was charged with two felonies: receiving stolen property and stolen or counterfeit checks, according to a Dakota County criminal complaint. The charges stem from an April 6 episode at Think Bank on Johnny Cake Road.
  Eagan police were called to the bank shortly after 3 p.m. April 6 for a report of suspicious activity. A man had entered the bank and asked the teller if he could use the restroom if he opened an account. The man emerged from the restroom about 10 minutes later, told the teller he would return later to open an account, and left.
  Inside the restroom, a bank employee found several empty electronics boxes and a pair of soiled black socks, according to police. The man was seen walking towards Kowalski’s market. With the help of a citizen who overheard a police broadcast of a description of the man, police found the suspect at the Starbucks in Kowalski’s market.
  According to police, Deremer admitted stealing electronics from CVS, located next to the bank, and opening them in the Think Bank bathroom. Police reported finding $105.35 worth of stolen CVS property on the suspect at the time of his arrest. Police also found a $753.42 handheld scanner stolen from a Maple Grove Walmart.
  Police also found Deremer was carrying an envelope from a credit card company addressed to a soldier who lived nearby. Inside the opened envelope, police found, in addition to the soldier’s credit card information, two stolen checks belonging to one of his neighbors. The neighbor had paid bills and placed the checks in his mailbox, which was located in a cluster in the victims’ neighborhood, according to police.
  Deremer has been summonsed to appear in Dakota County court to answer to the charges on June 11.

City Council appoints New Chief of Police

  The Eagan City Council Tuesday night appointed Deputy Police Chief Roger New, a 24-year-veteran of the city's police department and the sole candidate for the job, as the next chief of the Eagan Police Department. New will replace current police chief Jim McDonald, who is scheduled to retire June 30.
    New has spent 24 years on the Eagan Police Department, according to the city. After 10 years as a patrol officer, he spent two years as sergeant, 10 years as a lieutenant, and the last two years as deputy chief.
   The city council approved New's promotion following a special city council meeting held outside of its usual location at city hall.
   In addition to his years of experience with the Eagan Police Department, the city said New holds master's and bachelor's degrees and graduated the FBI National Academy, a 10-week course for police officers.

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Eagan Deputy Police Chief Roger New at a recent visit to Eagan High School.

Woman charged with stealing Uber car

New City Hall?

   A Plymouth woman has been charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle for allegedly stealing a car during an Uber ride.
   Eagan police arrested Jennifer Brierton, 32, of 1530 Glacier Lane N., Plymouth, on a felony charge of theft of a motor vehicle after a May 28 report of a vehicle theft from a gas station on Cliff Road, according to court records. The victim, an Uber driver, told police he met a woman named Jennifer at about 7 a.m. on the morning of May 28 and drove her to various places throughout the day.
   The driver and passenger stopped for gas at about 11:45 p.m., according to police. The driver offered to buy the passenger a water. After the driver went inside the gas station’s convenience store to do so, he looked outside to see the woman driving his car away from the gas pump, according to a criminal complaint.
   Police found the stolen car a short time later in Burnsville. Police allege Brierton admitted to smoking methamphetamine throughout the day.
Jennifer Brierton
Mayor Mike Maguire posted on his Twitter feed a photograph of himself on the Vikings' owner's perch at the team's new practice facility in northeast Eagan on Thursday, May 31. Another man who went to the site to support the team reported he was escorted out by three police officers.
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U.S. Senate approves county judge's nomination

  The U.S. Senate has confirmed Dakota County Judge Erica MacDonald’s nomination as U.S. Attorney for Minnesota.
  MacDonald will replace Gregory Brooker, the interim U.S. Attorney in place since Andy Luger, appointed under the Obama administration, resigned in March 2017 at the request of President Trump.
  In recent years, the U.S. Attorney’s office has prosecuted some of Eagan’s most notorious criminals as cases were transferred from state prosecutions to federal courts. Among the local cases recently prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office were the seizure of approximately 100 pounds of methamphetamine headed for a stash house in Eagan; Ellis Tooles, an Eagan man sentenced to 25 years in prison for producing child pornography by raping a two-year-old; and Anton Martynenko, sentenced to 38 years in prison after he extorted pornographic photos from teenage boys.
  MacDonald presided over Dakota County court cases, including the prosecution of Erik Akervik, a Burnsville High School music teacher accused of illegal sexual contact with students.
  MacDonald was first appointed to the judiciary by Gov. Tim Pawlenty in 2010. She was re-elected in 2012 to a term scheduled to expire in Jan. 2019.
  MacDonald started her professional career as a department store buyer before going to law school, according to her biography on the state court website. She excelled at law school and worked as a law clerk and assistant U.S. attorney before her appointment to the bench.
Dakota County Judge and U.S. Attorney nominee Erica MacDonald

APC approves new sign rules

   Hang on to your taste levels, Eagan. It’s about to get tacky.
  In another Viking-related change to life in Eagan as we know it, the Advisory Planning Commission has approved a change to the city’s temporary sign ordinance substantially increasing the size of placards across the city.
  Under current rules, temporary signs – such as the roadside placards announcing yard sales, open houses, and plant sales – are limited in size to 25 square feet and can be posted for no longer than 10 days in any 60-day period. The new proposal would increase the allowable size to 100 square feet, about the area of a townhouse patio or deck, and can remain in place longer – up to 14 days.
  The proposal came after Eagan city officials visited Mankato, the 52-year home of Vikings training camp, to investigate what changes might need to be made in city rules to accommodate the Vikings. Mankato officials noted that temporary signs often sprouted throughout that community during training camp. During training camp in Mankato, temporary signs advertising cheap alcohol and drink specials lined the roads leading to the stadium where training camp was held.
  The major point of discussion on the commission was whether the Vikings will be able toput up enough signs under the new ordinance.

Drowning victim remains in serious condition

  A 5-year-old drowning victim has been transferred to a children’s hospital and is in serious condition, according to police.
  The child was taken by ambulance to Regions Hospital last Tuesday after construction workers found him unconscious in the pool at Fox Ridge Estates apartments on Coachman Road.
  The construction workers who rescued the boy were alerted by the screams of his three-year-old sister. Police said the two children had wandered from a nearby apartment. The apartment pool was surrounded by a fence and locked gate. Investigators suspect the 5-year-old climbed over the fence to get to the pool. He was found shortly before 10:30 a.m.
  The children’s mother was apparently home at the time but did not notice the children had left the apartment, according to police. A construction worker performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the child until first responders arrived.

Hot Enough For Ya?

    Memorial Day weekend was a scorcher in Eagan.
  Temperatures soared to the high 90s, more than 20 degrees above average for this time of year.
  The hot holiday weekend sent crowds to Schulze Lake, the beach at Lebanon Hills Regional Park. Despite no parking signs, cars, trucks, and minivans lined the single access road to the park after parking lots filled early. When dark clouds appeared over the park at about 4:30, pandemonium ensued as people fled the beach when ominous dark clouds rolled in and thunder began to sound.
  With no traffic patrol in sight, traffic backed up along the sole exit road from the park as drivers contemplated their odds of successfully turning onto Cliff Road and its speeding traffic. Some vehicles appeared to play a round of chicken, after long waits for a break in the traffic, crossing the busy road at the first sign of a break, hoping the traffic would slow.
  Thunderstorms rolling through the area were expected to bring some relief from the heat, but above-average temperatures are still forecast for the week.       
Schulze Lake Beach opened for business this weekend to record high temperatures.