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Have Faith

A Time Such As This

By Leslie Atkinson

   We’ve come to the part in your journey together where I share my favorite Bible story.  (It’s also an appropriate time of the year for it.  More on that in a moment.)  Someone with a story like mine is bound to have one, right? 
   Many people of faith talk about something that has pointed them toward something bigger at work in the universe.  Even before they were believers.  For some it’s the stars or something in nature.  For others it’s a person.  For me, it’s timing.  Not necessarily that everything “works out,” but that it all works together.  Especially since it doesn’t seem like it will at the time.  Even when it seems that there’s no way that what is happening right now could fit with what is to come. 
   Now for that passage I promised.  This is the time of the year that Jews celebrate the holiday of Purim (March 1st, this year, if you’re interested).  The holiday is meant to celebrate the story of Esther.  An unlikely woman, chosen to be queen, and who ultimately saves the Jewish people from certain destruction. 
   In the story, Esther’s cousin Mordecai urges her to go to the king to make an appeal on the behalf of the Jews.  When she is hesitant, he tells her, “Perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this.” 
   From the first time I heard Esther’s story, that line always gave me pause.  And I think about that line often when I come to a difficult decision or even when I’m reflecting on how I’ve gotten to where I am.  Perhaps all of that happened for such a time as this.  Whether I feel like I’m about to face absolute destruction or I’ve had a string of what seems to be good luck.  Perhaps I’m here for such a time as this. 
   This is especially true of the people I encounter.  While I’m generally not the sort of person who goes out looking for people to join my social circle, there are the perfect moments where I’ve met just the right person for such a time.  There were friends I made in college that helped shape who I am and who have remained in my life.  I met my husband at a wedding where I was supposed to have a different date who didn’t show up.  There have been the unlikely friends who have showed me more about who God is than I ever expected.  And for me, that is how I see God at work in the world.  I see the pieces of my life that feel incredibly random at the time, ever connecting, for such a time as this.