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   “The forensic examinations further revealed that [Endicott] accessed the victim’s ISD 196 accounts from both his residence and ISD 194 locations,” investigators wrote in a criminal complaint. “Documents and emails from the victim’s ISD 196 accounts were located on [Endicott’s] devices. Some of these documents involved private student data and their special education plans. Because these plans are private data, they cannot be viewed by the public. An employee who allowed these documents to be viewed by the public would be subject to discipline, including termination. Defendant, a public school principal, would be well aware of this.”
   The first felony stalking charge released Friday stems from a Scott Highlands Middle School employee’s discovery in January that her computer files on the school district’s network had been altered. Endicott’s wife, Andrea, was employed as a school counselor at Scott Highlands Middle School. The stalking victim told investigators she had been instructed not to discuss Andrea Endicott because, during Andrea Endicott’s first school year at the middle school in 2011-12, Mrs. Endicott had filed a harassment complaint against the stalking victim, seeking to have her fired, according to court records.
   Although the stalking victim did not know Christopher Endicott, investigators allege he had written several journal entries about her. In one, according to police, Endicott “detailed the situation between his wife and the victim, from his perspective, which revealed his motive behind exacting revenge on the victim. He stated: ‘Because of this frustration…I experimented one night with logging into [the victim’s] work email….While reading her emails, I became aware of a subscription service she uses to keep her passwords organized. I looked at that website and tried logging in with her home email address and the same password. It worked. I now had access to all of [the victim’s] passwords.”
   The second felony stalking charge stems from an apparent affair between Endicott and an employee while he was a junior high school principal in 2012. Endicott was a principal at a Shakopee junior high from 2010 to 2012. He left that job to take his current job at Century Middle School in Lakeville. At the time, Endicott told a local newspaper he was changing jobs to shorten his commute.
   The stalking victim told police she was an employee at the junior high school while Endicott was the principal. The two began meeting for meeting for “happy hour” and went to a hotel together, according to the criminal complaint. The victim told police Endicott became upset when she tried to end the relationship because he was married.
   The stalking victim told investigators Endicott sent her new boyfriend email and drove by his house while she was there. Her new boyfriend ended the relationship, according to the victim, after he received an email from an anonymous person detailing his affair with the victim and admitting the stalker had followed the victim’s new boyfriend and knew about his children.
   The victim told police “she had been harassed by [Endicott] for a number of years and was afraid of him,” according to the stalking complaint.
   The stalking victim and investigators reported several disturbing events, including a store credit account opened in her name, the discovery of her IRS transcripts and photos of her desk in the Bloomington middle school where she worked on one of Endicott’s devices, an ancestry website search for her family, and the theft of her and her boyfriend’s garage door openers during a break-in of her car.
   The third of the new complaints against Endicott charge him with two felony counts for identity theft and financial transaction fraud. Those charges follow a police search of Endicott’s Apple Valley home in which police discovered stolen property, computers and electronic devices, and paper notebooks and journals, according to court records.
   “Officers located the notebook in a drawer in [Endicott’s Century Middle School office],” according to a criminal complaint. “Both the notebook and information saved on his electronic devices contained a great deal of account, login, and personal information about many people. The detective investigating the case identified, contacted, and interviewed several individuals to determine whether they were victims of identity theft.
   The identity theft complaint against Endicott details credit card numbers, personal information, and checkbooks taken from at least 15 victims, including Endicott’s co-workers at Century Middle School. Court records detail a methodic and systematic approach to identity theft, with record keeping of stolen numbers and passwords, as well as personal details mined for clues about passwords. Investigators discovered unauthorized transactions ranging from thousands of dollars in purchases from a collectible coin site to purchases of internet pornography. Some of the activity was allegedly conducted from Endicott’s middle school office.
   Investigators also reported Endicott made written admissions such as “It is true that I had taken pictures of various people’s credit cards, including friends and family with the thought I could somehow use that information to obtain funds secretly. We were in financial ruin….I had accumulated so much debt that I couldn’t find a way out. I kept thinking maybe there would be a foolproof scheme to get quick cash without getting caught, but never found one –and here I am, waiting for the day the cops decide to charge me with all of these crimes anyway.”
   The Dakota County court has issued a nationwide warrant for Endicott’s arrest.
Endicott, in a 2012 photo following his announcement he was leaving his job as principal of Shakopee Junior High School to shorten his commute time. A newly released criminal complaint alleges he stalked a school employee after she tried to end a personal relationship with him.