County drug task force seizes more than 2 kilos of pot     Two men are facing felony drug charges after a Dakota County drug task force raid of their apartment uncovered nearly 2.5 kilograms of marijuana.
     Naydath Chol Makair, 21, and Manachan Omot Talian, both of 14745 Portland Ave. #112, Burnsville, were charged with felony drug possession and sale charges, according to court records. The charges stem from the execution of a search warrant at their apartment by the Dakota County drug task force.
     Police found Talian hiding in a closet when they entered the apartment, according to police. He refused to leave the closet when ordered to do so by police, who used an unspecified amount of force to control the suspect, according to a criminal complaint filed with the court.
     Investigators found a cardboard box next to the closet. Inside the box, they discovered several bags of a green leafy substance that tested positive for THC, the active ingredient of marijuana. Police estimated the street value of the 2,398.46 grams at $25,000.
     Police found $465 in the cardboard box and $2,116 on Talian, according to court records.

Homeless man charged with failing to register as sex offender

Richard Wayne Woods as he appeared at the Dakota County jail after his recent arrest (left and center) and in a photo posted by Florida's sex offender registry.

    A homeless man found sleeping on a sidewalk in Rosemount has been charged with failing to register as a sex offender.
   Richard Woods, 56, no known address, was arrested after a Nov. 7 call to Rosemount Police to check on the welfare of a homeless man. When the police officer arrived, she recognized the man as one she had taken to a homeless shelter in St. Paul on Oct. 22, according to court documents.
   On Oct. 22, Rosemount police had found Woods sleeping on a sidewalk. Police took him to a homeless shelter in St. Paul and told him to contact St. Paul police to keep in compliance with the sex offender registration laws, according to a criminal complaint.
   When the police officer recognized Woods on Nov. 7 and asked why he was back in Rosemount, Woods reportedly told her he was looking for work. He also told police he had slept under the 117th Street bridge the night before. He had not reported to St. Paul police as instructed, police alleged in a criminal complaint.
   Woods was required to register as a sex offender following a 1989 conviction of two counts of attempted sexual battery on a person under age 12, according to Florida’s sex offender registry. The state of Florida lists his address as St. Cloud.
   A search of Minnesota’s sex offender registry does not produce Woods’ name. Minnesota conceals records involving sex crimes from public view and reportedly does not reveal offenders in its registry until they are found to be non-compliant.    

Two face charges resulting from undercover child prostitution sting

   Two men are facing felony charges as a result of an undercover police investigation of child prostitution.
     Samuel Banitt, 24, of 529 2nd St. W., Hastings; and Neela Yanadhannagari, 35, of 6721 Carlisle Curve, Shakopee; were charged with felony prostitution for attempting to hire a prostitute under the age of 16 in Lakeville last August.
     Police investigating prostitution involving minors placed an advertisement on a website advertising personal services. An undercover police officer posing as a prostitute communicated with the men who responded to the advertisement, telling them she was 15 years old, according to court records.
     Yanadhannagari was arrested at a hotel in Lakeville shortly before 4:30 p.m. Aug. 8, according to a criminal complaint, after knocking on the door of the room specified as the meeting place.
     Bannitt was arrested at the Lakeville hotel shortly before 5:30 p.m. Aug. 8 under similar circumstances, according to court records.
     The two men have been summoned to appear at the Dakota County Judicial Center Jan. 8.