Luck Is Just The Beginning for California author's debut novel about family fortune

   Right about now would be a good time to go someplace warm.
   If you can’t get away, you might want to spend some time with California author Celeste Leon.
   Leon’s novel Luck Is Just The Beginning is full of warmth--family relationships and romance all set in the tropical heat of 1940s Puerto Rico. The story is based on her family history. As a young man her father, Ramon, came to the mainland U.S. from Puerto Rico to study dentistry—a dream made possible when he won Puerto Rico’s lottery.
   That’s where Luck Is Just The Beginning begins. The book is a fictionalized account of the years before Leon came into her father’s life. It is the story of a young man who grew up poor in a Puerto Rican village, his dreams and his struggles, even after winning the lottery.
   It’s a mesmerizing experience to travel along with Leon as she explores her father’s early life. To write this book, Leon had to immerse herself in Puerto Rico’s history and culture, a far different world from the New England suburb where she grew up.
   Her journey is fascinating. Leon’s writing is rich with details of her father’s home village in Puerto Rico during the 1940s—the lifestyle, the importance of family, and the scarcity of modern healthcare. Against this backdrop, she examines our moral obligations to those who surround us.
   Leon also challenges us to consider fate and fortune. Is what most consider good luck really all that good? Are we required to share a sudden windfall with friends and family? Or to even spend it responsibly?
   Leon spent ten years writing her novel, essentially learning the craft of fiction writing from scratch. “I didn’t think it would take so long,” Leon said in an interview. She hopes her persistence will encourage others to “stay true to your dreams.”
   Leon is now working on a children’s version of the story: The Luckiest Boy in the Village.

Luck Is Just The Beginning is available at some bookstores and on Amazon. Leon said she loves speaking to book clubs and encourages readers to reach her via her website: ..