Open for business?

Apparently, Eagan's gotten so exclusive you need to know someone to get into McDonald's. The new restaurant on Erin Drive, near Cliff Road and Highway 77, appeared to be open Thursday, Aug. 9, but the parking lot was blocked off for a private event and a uniformed police officer was visible at the door. One source described the event as a private grand opening for friends and relatives of employees.

Man dies after local bike park crash

Holy Moses! City seeks to ban burning brush

   EAGAN, MN, Aug. 8 – Eagan’s time-honored tradition of setting stuff on fire in your backyard could be tamped down a bit under proposed changes to the city’s recreational fire ordinance slated for review by the Eagan City Council at their Aug. 21 meeting.
   The proposed new rules, available for public view, would require a city-issued permit for recreational fires and limit the materials that could be burned. The rule changes would prohibit fires between midnight and 8 a.m.
   The proposed ordinance would allow branches shorter than three feet to be burned as kindling, but would prohibit open burning of brush piles. The proposed rules, if passed by a vote of the city council, would also prohibit burning furniture and other household items.
   Recreational fire permits would be available online without a fee, according to Eagan Fire Chief Mike Scott. Under the proposed rules, the city could revoke the 12-month permits of rule breakers. Online registration, which requires an e-mail address, gives the city a way to notify permit holders of burning bans and other safety notices.

A medical crew arrived by helicopter at Lebanon Hills Regional Park on Johnny Cake Ridge Road Monday night, Aug. 6, the scene of a fatal bicycle crash.
    The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office is investigating the death of a 40-year-old man who collapsed on a Lebanon Hills bicycle park trail Monday night.
   A funeral service is scheduled for Clint Tymen Juffer, 40, of Lakeville, on Monday, Aug. 13, according to a local funeral home. Authorities have not released the cause of death.
   The crash victim was pronounced dead at the scene of a heavy police, fire, and ambulance response at the Dakota County bike park on Johnny Cake Ridge Road near the Eagan-Apple Valley city line. The bike trails where the man was found are in a wooded area inaccessible to motor vehicles. A medical evacuation helicopter from North Memorial Hospital flew to the scene, taking about 25 minutes to arrive, but left without a patient. The man was instead brought to the medical examiner’s office by one of several emergency vehicles at the scene.
   A bystander at the park called 911 shortly before 7 p.m. Monday night reporting that a man at the park had stopped breathing. A witness reported the man had been involved in a bike crash but did not appear to be injured, according to police. Police did not specify whether the man had been wearing a bike helmet.

City Council approves rezoning farm land

EAGAN, MN, Aug. 6, 2018--The Eagan City Council approved a plan to rezone five acres of agricultural land at the intersection of Erlene and Dodd roads to create a 10-house subdivision of single-family homes.
   The Eagan City Council also approved a change to the city’s laws that will allow housing subdivisions to be built on smaller plots of land than the current minimum of five acres. In approving the change, city officials noted there are fewer large undeveloped parcels of land left in the city.

Eagan becomes the third twin

EAGAN, MN – First, it was the Twin Cities Premium Outlet, located in Eagan.
   Then, the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, located on the other side of Eagan, but still, technically, in Eagan.
   Now, one of Eagan’s largest employers, Thomson Reuters, is referring to its Eagan office as its “Twin Cities” location. On its website, the company lists the 610 Opperman Drive, Eagan, address as its “Minneapolis-St. Paul location.” A company executive explained, in the case of global corporations, outsiders would more quickly identify with the nearest metropolitan location.
   A check of authorities on the region, and even Wikipedia, confirm Minneapolis and St. Paul are still the official Twin Cities. Perhaps its time to expand to the Tri-City area.
Leigh Monson reviews The Meg

Eagan man facing marijuana charge

Two women charged after Eagan bar fight

   Two Burnsville women are facing criminal charges following a confrontation at knifepoint at an Eagan bar.
   Erika Egeler, 41, of 632 Portland Place, Burnsville, was charged with felony threats of violence and fourth-degree criminal damage to property, a misdemeanor, according to a Dakota County criminal complaint. The charge stems from a July 27 call to Eagan police shortly after 2 a.m. from a man who reported a woman was chasing him with a knife.
   The man reported that he and a friend had approached Egeler and another woman, whom he knew, when they arrived at the bar, which police did not identify in the complaint. An argument erupted and Egeler allegedly pulled out a 6-inch-long folding knife, according to police. The victim ran and reported Egeler chased him “around several vehicles” with the knife, damaging a blue Chevy Camaro with the knife, according to the complaint.
   The man then locked himself into the back seat of his car. He reported hearing a pop, apparently from one of the car’s tires being stabbed.
   While investigating the episode, police detained Egeler’s friend and asked to search her purse. Inside the purse, police found a white powdery substance that field-tested positive for a trace amount of cocaine on a folded dollar bill. The woman, Jennifer Lee Hannah, 13636 Heather Hills Dr., Burnsville, was charged with possession of a controlled substance in the fifth-degree, a gross misdemeanor, according to a criminal complaint. 
   An Eagan man is facing a felony charge in connection with an alleged midnight drug deal near Duckwood Drive.
   Raymond Jackson, 19, of 3617 Cross Road Ct., Eagan, has been summonsed to appear in Dakota County court Aug. 20 on a felony charge of fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance, according to a criminal complaint.
   A police officer on patrol April 5 saw a female driver pull off Duckwood Drive to drive behind a strip mall with the car headlights off. The police officer then saw a man walk from the woods towards the car. When the police officer approached the car to identify himself, according to the complaint, the man, identified as Jackson, put something down in the snow. The officer investigated and found a bag of what he suspected was marijuana.
   A second officer backtracked Jackson’s footprints in the snow to a backpack, according to court records. The backpack contained several bags of what appeared to be marijuana. A test of two of the bags came back positive for more than 55 grams of THC, according to police.