Capt. Underpants Saves the Summer

   Captain Underpants, the First Epic Movie, is joyous summer fun.
   The movie is an animated delight. It’s the story of two fourth-graders, George and Harold, and their comic book creation Captain Underpants. While you might think “Okay, great movie for the kids,” you’ll be missing out if you leave this one to the kids. Plenty of adults in the theatre were laughing as much, if not more than, the kids.
   It’s one of those rare movies where people not only didn’t want to leave at the end, but they stayed through the credits, cheering and clapping.
   If you ever went to elementary school, much of this movie will ring true. Even if it doesn’t, you can’t help but root for protagonists George and Harold as they try to survive the boredom and oppression of elementary school.
   Plenty of high-brow critics have panned this one for its emphasis on whoopee-cushion humor, but they don’t seem to get it. This is a movie about elementary school students. That’s what they think is funny. This movie is clever, creative, and just plain fun.